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What makes Octopus Energy so green in 2021?

Renewable energy, planting trees, carbon dioxide-free, renewable energy research, new energy technologies are just a few points that make Octopus Energy one of most well known green energy suppliers in the UK in 2021.

Octopus Energy usually believes that energy should be affordable for everyone across the globe. They offer clean energy via transparency, honesty, as well as simplicity. They are continually investing in renewable energy generation towards a carbon dioxide-free future.

Octopus Energy has created a business model that revolves around the customer rather than the old business models that were money based. Many aspects make Octopus Energy very green. The Company’s characteristics and operations are focused on a clean and green planet that can be safe for everyone.

Octopus Energy Installs Solar Panels

Octopus Installs only Renewable Energy

Octopus only deals with renewable energy sources, such as solar. The Company is massively investing in solar energy across different countries. Solar is a clean energy source that does not produce greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases have been the leading cause of climate change, and various governments and climate change organizations, are campaigning against the use of dirty sources of energy. For solar panels, the energy produced is free of carbon dioxide. This means that solar energy helps to conserve the environment for future generations.

Solar panels also require little water for their maintenance.  Solar panels require cleaning after a specified duration. The cleaning process usually uses little water compared to other energy sources, such as nuclear plants that require about 20 times more water. Solar energy production does not make noise when compared to its counterparts, such as wind turbines. This means that solar panels can comfortably be installed in a residential home without environmental pollution fears.

The Company is the largest investor in solar energy in Europe. This shows that Octopus is only focused on producing clean energy that helps to conserve the environment.

Compensates Homeowners and Businesses for Extra-Solar Energy Generated

Octopus Energy usually compensates homeowners and businesses for the extra energy sent to the grid. Sometimes, your solar energy system may produce more energy than is required at your home or business.

Octopus offers you the opportunity to sell the extra energy and earn some good income from it. This means that your solar energy system could become a source of income for you, besides meeting your electricity needs.

 Also, when your system is not generating enough energy to meet the load requirements, the company supplies power to you in compensation for what you send to the grid. This is a major reason to switch to Octopus Energy now.  

Intensive Renewable Energy Research

Renewable energy research has been the main catalyst of new technologies in the renewable energy sector. With new technologies, the cost of renewable energy has fallen at a higher pace. This has made renewable energy solutions very affordable for homeowners and businesses.

Octopus is currently driving renewable energy research intending to establish a Future Energy Research Centre. As the Company continues to steer research and development in the renewable energy sector, new technologies are realized. These new technologies will continue to lower the cost of green energy for everyone across the globe.

Planting and Supporting Tree Planting Initiatives   

Planting trees and increasing vegetation cover on the earth’s surface is one of the major ways of reducing climate change. As trees and vegetation cover increases, carbon dioxide reduces in the earth’s atmosphere as it gets utilized by trees. The reduction of greenhouse gases directly reduces climate change. This is a great way to curb climate change as well as promote a green environment.  

Octopus Energy has been on a mission of planting trees for years. The Company intends to plant thousands of trees to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere as well as other air pollution emissions. In 2017, Octopus launched a tree planting community programme in the UK. The initiative involves working with schools and community spaces that have been nominated by their customers to raise awareness for air pollution and increase biodiversity.

In 2017, the Company oversaw the planting of about 1000 trees via the programme. In 2018, 10,000 trees were planted through the programme. Since then, the Company has continued to plant thousands of trees annually with an agenda to offset carbon dioxide emissions in the UK and beyond.

Octopus Energy is Immensely Investing in Cutting Edge Technologies

Octopus is working hard to ensure that solar and wind energy intermittency can be sorted out. The process involves balancing the electrical grid and counteracting daily peaks in the energy demand when the grid gets overloaded. The Company has developed tariffs and tech products that encourage people to shift to renewable energy.

Octopus is also pioneering innovations such as Vehicle2Grid charging, which allows Electric Vehicles to charge on green and cheap energy during the night. The electric vehicles can also be discharged after work in exchange for payment to balance the grid effectively.


It is clear that Octopus Energy is a very green company. The Company is leading in the installation of renewable energy sources such as solar. They also pay their customers for the extra energy generated and sent to the grid. Octopus is spearheading research and development in the renewable energy sector. Renewable energy technologies have helped in the reduction of renewable energy costs.

Octopus has also supported tree planting community programmes that have helped reduce carbon dioxide emissions across the UK and other parts of Europe. Being this green and helping our environment is definitely one the main reason you should join Octopus Energy now

You can save on average 3.5 tonnes of CO2 a year by switching to Octopus Energy, so go green, save money and make difference, use e our Octopus Energy referral code to earn £50 credit when you sign up to Octopus and green energy today.

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