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Octopus Energy Tariffs

When I switched to Octopus in early 2019 it was among the cheapest suppliers I found on energy comparison sites, in fact it was far cheaper than my current provider at the time (Npower). Once I completed the quick and easy online quote I got full breakdown of the price per kilowatt and standing charges so I could choose the best tariff suited for me

My Octopus Energy Quote

As I’m more inclined to gravitate towards the more green and renewable sources I chose the ‘Super Green Octopus’ tariff, although it was a little more than other tariffs It was still cheaper than what I was currently paying for!

Super Green Octopus – 12 months fixed and the greenest you can get! 100% renewable electricity and the gas is fully carbon offset through various environmental projects at home and abroad.

Octopus 12M Fixed – This is usually the cheapest and most popular, however despite the 100% green electricity the gas isn’t as green as the ‘Super Green Octopus’ tariff. Your unit rate and standing charges will also be fixed. Octopus will give you at least 30 days’ grace period, so if you decide the switch to another tariff it’s a quick and simple process.

Flexible Octopus – You still get your 100% renewable electricity but you are on a variable tariff, which depending on when you switch might be either cheaper or more expensive than the flexible tariffs.


As you can see Octopus energy offers a few clear and simple tariffs to choose from. They cover your exit fees and provide you with high quality 100% renewable electricity. Furthermore, Octopus also offers other innovative tariffs such as Octopus go which works really well if you have an electric vehicle, or the agile tariff, which is probably the greenest option on the market as it has the ability to switch off certain electrical items when they are not in use but you will need a smart meter (read my blog octopus energy smart meters). Lastly the outgoing Octopus tariff suits best those with solar panels or battery storage, as you’d get paid for electricity you export!

After joining Octopus Energy I have been very pleased with my energy bills and I just wish I had switched earlier! Get an online quote now and find out which tariff works best for you!

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  • Jay January 4, 2021 at 10:32 pm Reply

    Very useful post which helped me work out the right tariff for me. I have switched to Octopus using your referral link and I received £50 credit when the switch completed as promised. Many Thanks

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