Octopus energy smart meters

Smart meters are the next-generation way of monitoring your household energy consumption and offer a number of benefits over the standard credit meters, which are becoming increasingly redundant. One of them being the ability to automatically send real-time information to your energy provider which ensures you will get the most accurate bill! Also with the wireless in-home display monitor provided to you when you switch displays your energy usage and costs in real time so you can see where and when you’re using the most energy. Designed for the energy conscious in mind and most importantly staying green!

You can switch to Octopus energy to book your installation of your new smart meter! Octopus energy are now rolling out a nationwide smart meter installation free of charge, so customers can reap the benefits of the range of tariffs such as the Agile, Go and Outgoing.

There are two types of smart meters currently being offered:

  1. SMETS1 meters, which is what most properties would have installed, but unfortunately currently they would lose their “smart” ability if you switch suppliers with a few exceptions (more details below).
  2. SMETS2 meters are the latest generation and would work with any supplier, as the meter sends all data to a centralised body (Data Communications Company or DCC) instead of sending it directly to energy suppliers. However, right now this latest generation of smart meter doesn’t work in all homes, so Octopus is working with customers who are happy to be pioneers and they plan roll this out when installations are reliably smooth.

Octopus like most other suppliers are offering free installing SMETS2 meters to their customers as quickly as possible, because SMETS1 installations after March 15th 2019 won’t count towards their smart quota (a target set by Ofgem). However, if SMETS2 won’t work in your home, Octopus honour their installation for you and fit a SMETS1s meter instead. These meters on the other hand, will become fully transferable between all suppliers as the newer model becomes available (they will be remotely programmed to send data to the DDC) later this year. SMETS1 are in fact just as good as SMETS2 meters, so with this knowledge you don’t necessarily need to upgrade the older version if you have them already installed.

‘Secure’ provides Octopus’s smart meter, so if you are switching over from: Frist Utility, Utilita, Bristol Energy, E.ON and OVO energy, good news! Your smart meter is already compatible with Octopus energy so that means an even smoother switch over. If your smart meter isn’t from ‘Secure’ or you’re not sure which smart meter you have, no problem, just give them a call and they will either confirm or book an engineer to install your new smart meter!

If you are interested in getting a smart meter, register your interest on the octopus site using this link. Octopus will contact you over the next few weeks and get it sorted for you.

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